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Blackwater Gamefarm

april 7

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Gamefarm directory - connecting cocker enthusiasts worldwide. nene abello / willy villarica / cris nesmith, raffy blackwater - wrv, 7.

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  • Our next In-depth is on sexual violence – how should we fight back against the normalization of rape? Why have all the lofty goals solemnly intoned at international conferences failed to tackle impunity, and reverse the seeming acceptance of sexual violence as a sort of routine hazard in some societies?
  • Our next two films are out of Yemen – both looking at the impact of the country’s recent upheavals.
  • Trauma: The fighting has subsided, but conflict-related trauma lives on. IRIN follows two children trying to come to terms with the violence they experienced.
  • Displacement: Qasim Yahya Ali lives with his family in the grim Al-Masraq IDP camp. He must decide whether to stay, or return to his bombed-out village.
Will the closure of the gas station in Durkee affect you?
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Spring blossoms on Georgetown's campus

A burst of spring colors on Georgetown's Copley Lawn

Hazy sunrise in Georgetown

Late March snow in Georgetown

Late March snow in Georgetown

Snow-kissed Blooms in Georgetown

Late March snow on Georgetown Public Library

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